Innate Pharma seeks to follow best practice in corporate governance.

The company set up a Scientific Advisory Board in 2000, a Compensation Committee in 2001 and an Audit Committee in 2003.

In 2005, Innate Pharma was transformed into a SA with a dual management mode: an Executive Board controlled by a Supervisory Board.

The Executive Board is in charge of administrative, legal and financial operations of the company. It operates under the control of the Supervisory Board.

The Executive Committee - a non-statutory body - manages daily operations. Members of the Executive Board are also part of this committee.

The Supervisory Board oversees the Executive Board in its management of the company. Its members have significant experience in the biopharmaceutical sector.


Governance Committees

To date, the Supervisory Board has three sub-committees:

  • the compensation and nomination committee,
  • the audit committee,
  • the transaction committee and

All three committees report to the Supervisory Board.